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Trackback – What is it?

Friday, January 28th, 2011

TtrackbackThe world of the bloggers is big. There are many weblogs for all topics: private, hobby and business. There we have for example Maria. Her hobby is cooking, and so it’s all about in her blog around this topic. Every day she publish a new tip for the kitchen and lots of her own recipes. Maria also has many fans who visit her blog. Often, they also leave comments. This possibility can be found at the end of each article. So once you have read a post and would like to praise it, leave suggestions or critics, just type name, e-mail address (if you have a home page or a blog, the URL) and the comment in the provided form at the end of article and then click “Send”.

Today, Maria has tried a new pizza recipe and of course, immediately published an article on her blog. Peter has his own pizzeria. He finds the new pizza creation of Maria on their blog and tried it out hisself. Peter then writes an article in his blog about Pizza and offers suggestions on how this new pizza can be even more delicious. It has links in his article to that of Maria, because there he had found the new recipe.

In order to let Maria know and her blog readers too that he has tips for the refinement of the pizza on his blog, Peter set a trackback. Peter goes to the article on Maria’s blog and find there a trackback link. He copy this link and goes back to the draft article on his blog. Before he published the article, he adds the trackback in the “Send trackbacks to” field.

Then Peter publish his article. Automatically appears below the post on Mary’s blog a comment with the link to Peter’s blog. Now Mary and her visitors see that there are tips on refining the recipe at Peter’s blog.


Instead of a comment below a post on another blog one write an article on its own block and then set a Trackback to

  • to publish own opinions on the topic or/and
  • to offer own tips or more information

A nice trackback tutorial can be found at optiniche


Some bloggers try to get many trackbacks, because maybe they show paid advertising on their blogs. They hope to gain many new visitors in return of many trackbacks and so to make more money.

Therefore, they share trackbacks on articles that do not fit the theme and alson not include a link to the article. This method is called “Trackback Spam “. But one do not face this spam helpless. A useful guide to protect a blog from unwanted trackback spam, can be found at Dragon Blogger

Note: Trackbacks can be sent only if it is a related article and a link to the original article is included, otherwise one is an unwanted spammer.