Facebook spam leads to Trojans traps

trojan“WOW Now you can see who is looking at your profile!” – So or simular posts and events circulating now on Facebook in large numbers. Friends invite the users to use a feature to see who has visited their profiles. The goal of these messages is always the same: The receiver will click a link that lures in a trap.

The reader clicks on the link which redirect to an external website. It explains to him how he can supposedly monitor the visitors to his Facebook profile. For this purpose it is to copy a special code and paste it into the address bar of the browser and run it. If he does so and simultaneously is logged into Facebook, this code creates automatically on behalf of the user a Facebook event called “See Profile Visitors” and invites all the contacts of the user.

On the website, the attacker can lurking always viruses, trojans and other malicious programs, for example as Drive-by download. These are downloads that start automatically when you visit the website without being noticed by the user. The curiosity to know who has visited the own Facebook profile, online criminals repeatedly used as a bait. The security specialists by BitDefender have identified it. But also links to photos or videos should wary all Facebook users – because these are popular lure by the criminals.

On Facebook it is as everywhere in the network: Think first, and then click (or not)! Those who thoughtlessly follows links, is quickly a victim of viruses, trojans and other malware. Facebook offers ways to remove content, applications and prevent to block future posts. Make use of these functions and do not just click on each link!

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