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How to FacebookHow to Facebook? – Part 2

At present, once again a message on Facebook provides nervousness, and is spread by many people. According to this Facebook make all the phone numbers for friends visible. But do not worry, at Facebook is only visible, what is allowed in the privacy settings.
Phone Numbers
Here is a guide on how to set the visibility of the telephone number (or multiple phone numbers).

Top right, click on “Account” and then “Privacy Preferences”.
Privacy Phone1
In the next window click on “Customize Settings”.
Privacy Phone2
Then click under Contact information on the drop-down menu with the lock and then on “Custom.”
Privacy Phone3
Now you have the choice, who may see this specification: “Friends of Friends” means that all my friends and their friends can see my phone number, “Friends Only” provides that only my friends see my phone number; by selecting “Specific People” you can choose particular friends that may see the number. But if you would like that no one can see the number, then choose “Only Me”.
Privacy Phone4
Once you have made your selection, of course you must not forget to save it by clicking on “Save settings”. Then the phone number is visible only to the people who had just been selected.

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