How the new Facebook Timeline looks like

FacebookOn the upcoming new features in Facebook, we have drawn attention in our previous article. Even if the public launch of the “Timeline” delays because of a lawsuit, here we want to give a deeper insight into the new Facebook “life archive”.

Facebook Timeline Profile

Facebook has overhauled the design of its user profiles completely. But behind attractive design and better visibility are massive changes that go far beyond appearance only. “Timeline” called Facebook, what used to be a profile. Because the members are able to map their entire lives on Facebook. The current activities are automatically entered, but it will also be able to add past events. The timeline on the right above goes not accidentally back to the birth.

Facebook Activity Log

Everything is maintained in a logbook, which is published by the user. Zuckerberg’s opinion is that “no activity is too small or too large not to be shared with others.” The in the previous picture presented Timeline – in contrast to the activity log – automatically summarize and prioritize activities. In addition, it should be possible for users to change the look and size of entries to highlight important things.

Facebook Share

Who gets to see what can still be set for each entry. Nevertheless, the idea to drop on Facebook a diary reaching back to the birth, not only privacy advocates will seem daunting.

Facebook Media Center

The second important change is the extension of Facebook’s social network to a media center. It includes music, videos, television shows, series, games and other content such as news articles. And of course, each listened song, every watched episode, each read stories should show up in the timeline.

Facebook Music

The Zuckerberg Company has worked with many providers in the entertainment industry, signed contracts, in order to use their offerings on Facebook. In the music for example, the successful Swedish Spotify streaming service is on board, films come from Netflix among others. What services are included in Germany is still unknown.

Facebook News

With the integration of music, films and other content over new Facebook apps, it’s also about to hold the users within the network, by giving them everything they would find outside Facebook otherwise. It will be possible to enter directly into the media habits of friends. Friend A hear the new song by Lady Gaga? One click is enough to listen the same. The same will work for series or movies. It’s a bit like earlier in the school bus where two people have heard only with a headset that same song. Only now there are many, many more listeners.

Social Reader

Among the first new Facebook apps is the “Social Reader” by “Washington Post” that gathers not only the newspaper articles, but also collects texts from other sources. Each article is provided with the information what Facebook friend has read this text also already. The arrangement of texts is influenced how many friends have read something.


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