Facebook as a life archive

Facebook TimelineMeanwhile, more than 800 million people use the online network Facebook. A week ago, the Facebook founder in San Francisco presented a lot of new features for its social network. When Facebook turns to the future, all new Timeline will replace the existing profile.

Zuckerberg described the timeline as “all your stories, all your apps, a new way to express who you are.” Means that, the Timeline contains all of your content posted on Facebook. Time Machine for your life, so to speak.

Whether photos, videos, music, or status messages what the user just cares – everything is in the Timeline, reminiscent of a colorful diary that every second get new entries.

None of this should ever expire. Unlike before, Facebook wants to collect more and more without having to delete older messages because now there is more than fleeting messages among friends and acquaintances. Users can even retroactively fill gaps, because the timeline should be nothing less than “the story of your life”, Zuckerberg said in his opening speech at the annual developer conference.

Thus, the timeline automatically fills, Facebook has a new kind of “app” developed – applications that allow partners to link the social network and to report everything what users do. Music services like Spotify and Rdio report about who just hears what songs; Yahoo News shows which news is interesting most, a video rental like Netflix can pass on film tips, and enthusiastic athletes who wear jogging shoes with “Nike+” function can show the world even when they run and where to go – thanks to the GPS appears the route on a map at Nike’s Facebook app. “No action is too small or too large to tell other people”, Zuckerberg encourages its users. Finally, it is a matter “to express who you are.”

Zuckerberg has also explained the differences between the ticker and news feed, which are also part of the upcoming updates. The ticker is for the details of life, like where you are and what you’re doing. If you don’t want to annoy your friends, then you write these in the ticker and the status updates will be reserved for more important things. Thus, the ticker will be a competition for Twitter.


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