Google+ open for everyone

Google+From now on, everyone can register at the Facebook rival Google+. Previously, the Internet service had been available by invitation only. All that are interested users must do now is to go to Google’s Web site and to sign up. With some additional functions the social network is promoting for members.

During the field test, we have received lots of feedback and implement some improvements, the Google developer boss Vic Gundotra said on Tuesday in the company weblog. For the official launch, Google gave his social network additional functions. Thus, the video chat “hangouts” is massively upgraded, and a search tool was launched.

With Hangouts members of Google+ can meet for video calls – as a couple or in a group. So far one had to be logged on a PC for this, but now this feature is also available on smart phones with the Android operating system. The new Google+-App can already be downloaded from the Android Market. Even on Apple devices with iOS – the iPhone and iPad – it will be possible soon.

With Google+ the company tries to enter the competition with Facebook, the world’s most popular online network. However, Google is far from being on par with its rival: Facebook has about 750 million active users. Google+ had ten million in July. More recent figures are not announced by the company. To attract many new members, Google users will find “interesting content, interesting people and great features such as hangouts”, said the chief developer.


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